Why Join?

The Benefits of Belonging to MCFSE...

Your students, staff, and districts turn to you for help. But where do you turn in time of need? For answers about salary and benefits, protection of your contractual, legal, and professional rights, or for training and professional growth, we are here for you!

As an AFT MCFSE Local Member,

You Can Turn to Your Union For:

  • Access to a $1 million occupational liability insurance plan

  • Tax Shelter consolation

  • Car and Disability insurance at special rates

  • Free 1/2 hour legal advice on personal matters

  • Eligibility to apply for an Accidental Death insurance policy

  • Finance and auto purchase benefits

  • Discounts on AFT conferences & classes

  • Participation in MCFSE Local 4345 Executive Board or negotiations teams

  • Training in contract maintenance and grievance processing

  • Involvement in MCFSE Local 4345 policy-making, governance & voting power

  • Representation in grievances and arbitrations

  • Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits & Worker's Comp counseling

  • And more!

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