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Recent Communication

Hello to all those within the MFCSE Local #4345 Union!

We officially have a new board as of June 21, 2023.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us via or our emails within MCOE.  

Contract Highlight!

Part of our contracts covers when we work over our contract hours.  I know all of us have been putting in time outside of our hours to try to get our jobs done.  The specific verbiage is below:

Classified: Overtime is defined to include any time worked in excess of eight (8) hours in any one day and in excess of forty (40) hours in any calendar week, whether such hours are worked prior to the commencement of a regularly assigned starting time or subsequent to the assigned quitting time. Daily overtime may be waived with the concurrence of both the employee and MCOE. In the event of a flex schedule, overtime is paid for hours in excess of forty (40) in one week.

Certificated: When a unit member has performed related duties in excess of fifteen (15) hours in a school year the unit member shall immediately notify his/her supervisor in writing. Any time beyond twenty (20) hours must be authorized in writing in advance by the supervisor in order to be eligible for equivalent off-duty time or be compensated at the prorated per diem rate.

Below is a tool to help you track your extra time to help you advocate for yourself.  Of course, your shop steward and the rest of the executive board are here to help you.  Each month you will get a reminder email to fill this out.  You will then receive an email back with the hours you tracked.  Utilize this in your conversations with your supervisors.

Overtime Hours Documentation

Hillary Dunn


Jasmine Zartman

Vice President of Certificated

Bob Hoefer

Vice President of Classified

Marissa Montalvo


Miranda Dabbs


Terry Elverum

CFT Field Representative

Craig Perry

Classified Staywell Representative

Michael Nemeth

Certificated Staywell Representative